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Blend your industry knowledge and experience with the efficiency, power and flexibility of Suki.

Instant Access

To 30k+ itineraries & maps, 350,000+ departures, 50+ brands, pricing, supplier savings, availability, ship schedules, deckplans & cabin layouts.


Bringing the global travel advisor community closer on Suki's social platform.

Booking Agnostic

No learning curve - continue to use your booking system (or book direct with the supplier's system). Suki let's you do it your way.



  • 50+ Suppliers
  • 30k+ Tours & Cruises
  • Customisable Themes
  • Itinerary Builder
  • Suki Social
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30k+ tours, river cruises & ocean cruises at your finger tips.


Impress your clients & swing that monitor around - Suki is branded to you.


Sharing knowledge & experience by connecting advisors.

Your Favourite Operators All In One Place

Serach and connect tours, river cruises and cruises from the world's leading operators.

Suki's touring and cruise partners

Suki You Complete Me

Blend your fantastic personal service, along with Suki's search tools and travel content to make you the ultimate Travel Advisor

30k+ Trips

Content rich tour, river & cruise itineraries, maps, inclusions, supplier details, pricing and availability from 50+ operators

50+ Operators

Full search capability, brochures, trips styles, videos, savings, deals & direct booking links

Trip Connect

Automatic joining/linking of land, river and ocean itineraries.

Suki Social

Connect with other advisors to share and expand your knowledge and networks

Custom Filtering

Filter search results with custom destination & supplier specific filtering

Your Brand

You can customise Suki's colours & logos, so you can use Suki with your clients


Create Collections and share them with your clients online - hardcopy or digitally

Preferred Suppliers

Choose what suppliers are shown, and keep those suppliers you don't work with out of the mix

Advanced Search

Search by brochure code, name, travel date, destination, brand or travel style


We've built a custom map engine, so ALL tour & cruise itineraries have a map!


Supplier updates, famils, webinars, weather tools and more...



  • 50+ Suppliers
  • 30k+ Tours & Cruises
  • Customisable Themes
  • Itinerary Builder
  • Suki Social
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Bringing the global travel advisor community closer.

We're all in this together

Suki.Social is designed for the global Travel Advisor community to encourage knowledge sharing and to help each other out


Show posts and conversations from around the world, or filter them to show only posts in your region

All the favs

If you're on any other social platform, then you'll feel right at home on Suki.Social

Supplier deals

Keep up to date with supplier deals - posted on your dashboard and on Suki.Social


I don't sell many tours or cruises so is Suki worth it?

We built Suki for Advisors that want to be the best. If you don't sell many tours or cruises, you need to look at why not. They're high value holidays with plenty of commission to be made, and with Suki you'll find it easier than ever to make that leap. Worth it? Definitely.

Can I book my cruise or tour through Suki?

No. Suki helps you to find the perfect supplier and then the perfect trip for your client. Then it's up to you to book that trip, the same way you do now. If you haven't booked anything with that supplier before, we have all the links available for you to easily register with them.

How much does it cost for to use the Suki Advisor Portal?

Our Suki Advisor Portal is free for all travel advisors, so there is nothing to pay.

So how does Suki handle bookings?

Suki doesn't. Think of Suki as a hub of tools & travel content designed to help the advisor become more efficient. Your advisors use your agency system (or books direct in the operators system) to make the booking. Suki doesn't care.

One of my preferred suppliers isn't showing. Can you add it?

If we can we will. Suki provides a way for you to suggest additional suppliers, but even better get your supplier to reach out to us!

Are there any technical requirements?

Suki's in the cloud, so you just need login through your browser.