Suki is a B2B cloud based SAAS system built to provide travel advisors with supplier content and trips. Aggregating 10,000+ land based tours, river cruises and ocean cruises into one unified platform.


Direct Connect

Suki isn't a booking engine, it drives sales from the travel advisor community to you.


Info Hub

Showcase your Brand and itineraries to advisors, and connect directly with them.


Build Your Profile

Promote and drive bookings to an advisor community committed to tours & cruises.

One tool to rule them all

Connecting and aggregating tour operators and cruise lines into one unified B2B platform for the travel advisor community.


10,000+ seasonal itineraries & maps, 350,000+ departures, 50+ brands, pricing, supplier savings, availability, ship schedules, deckplans & cabins.


XML/API Integration

Suki aggregates, normalises and then adds a layer of love over the top, to provide travel advisors with all they need. Goodbye brochures.


Content, content, content

You supply it, we showcase it. Brand videos, company profiles, trip styles, latest updates & savings all integrated and available for the travel advisor.

Built for the entire Operator team


For Marketers

Suki integrates your Earlybirds and special deals down to departure (and or cabin) level, as well as providing ways to promote individual trips and updates.


For Developers

We've integrated the trip content from over 50+ suppliers in the multi-day touring, cruising and river cruising industry. Our Tech team is here to support you.


For Statisticians

Over time you'll have access to insights and statistics into your Brands reach, destinational booking trends and much more.


For Eco Warriors

The end of the hardcopy brochure is nigh! Well probably not for a while yet, but Suki does it's best to digitise the content you want the advisor and client to see.


For Influencers

Suki.Social is a platform allowing travel advisors around the world to chat with each other and directly with you - the supplier. Time to put your influencer pants on.


For Money Savers

Distribute your trips, brand content, latest deals and updates to travel advisors around the world - for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

Existing Operator?

Each supplier that has already integrated with Suki receives unlimited free accounts for their entire team to access Suki.

During Suki's Beta phase there is no cost for existing suppliers already integrated with Suki.

Existing Suppliers


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Frequently Asked Questions


We act as a GSA in our country how does Suki deal with this?

Suki for Suppliers is split regionally. If you operate a brand in say Australia, but your main office is in the US, then both Australia and US teams have separate access to provide updates, promotions and savings. The brand profile and brand videos are shared. Contact details, booking engine URL's etc are all regional.


What currencies can the travel advisor see?

When an advisor registers with Suki, their country of origin defines the currency available - USD, CAD, AUD, NZD, GBP or EUR. If an advisor does not reside in any of the above countries/regions then the default currency is used - USD. The advisor cannot change currencies.


Who is responsible for updating our profile & updates?

Brand profile and brand videos can be updated by any member of your team. Regionally, teams can provide updates, promotions and savings for their region only.

We don't have a booking engine so how do advisors book with us?

Suki provides the travel advisor with full contact details (based on their region). So if for example they are from Melbourne then they will be able to view contact details for the Australia region. Local phone numbers, web addresses, booking engine links & email addresses.

How do advisors book with us if they haven't signed up with us?

If Suki introduces your trips to an advisor that has never booked with you before, then they will have access to your regional registration form URL if you have one. If not then they will be able to email/call you to discuss registration.


How do you make any money?

Suki is brand new to the industry, so we are concentrating on building our advisor community. We are also fully empathetic to the impact of COVID on the industry so are using this time to get the word out. Eventually all advisors and suppliers will contribute to our success.

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Precedence is provided for those suppliers that can provide an XML feed or API access, with multiple currencies.

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What's occuring?

21 Jan 2021


We're cracking open the champers, unclipping our masks and guzzling the bubbles! All aboard for a wild ride!

30 Nov 2020

Countdown has begun

Suki pre-launch checks underway. Essential personal ensuring all buttons are where they should be. Expected lift-off in Jan 2021.